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preparing for surgery

Preparing for surgery:

Once it is determined that you will have surgery, several things must be done in preparation.

At our offices you will meet with our staff to:

Set a date for surgery
Set a time for surgery
Determine a hospital for surgery
Sign an Informed Consent
Receive your package with hospital orders, lab requests, and information
Receive any special instructions
Set a date for Pre-Admission Testing

You will then visit the hospital to undergo Pre-Admission Testing.

If you are Pre-Testing for surgery at Piedmont Hospital, the Pre-Admission Testing area
is located in the Admissions Office off the main lobby.

If you are Pre-Testing for surgery at
Kennestone Hospital, click on this link for a
map to Pre-Testing.

Testing usually includes:

Pre-operative blood studies
Chest X-ray.
It is not necessary to fast for the lab work
Take your X-rays, informed consent, and orders with you to this appointment.

At the Pre-Admission Testing appointment, the nurse will instruct
you about the following:

What time to arrive the day of surgery
Where to park the day of surgery
Where to go the day of surgery
Medication management the morning of surgery

Special Instructions: Pre-Op Testing (pdf)

Do not eat or drink anything after midnight the night before surgery. Failure to adhere to this may result in cancellation of your operation.
Take your usual morning medication, as instructed by the nurse at the Pre-Admission visit, with a swallow of water only.
Refrain from aspirin-containing products for three days before surgery.
Discontinue blood thinners, under supervision of your primary physician, five days before surgery.
Refrain from herbal remedies and over the counter medicines for five days before surgery.
We prefer that you bathe the area of your surgical site with Hibiclens twice the night before surgery, and once the morning of surgery.