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Our Staff
Our staff is dedicated you making your experience as pleasant as possible. We will always answer your calls with a human voice, not with a machine. We will do our best to return your calls in a timely fashion.

Our staff will pre-certify your procedure with your insurance company if necessary, and file the claim for you. We will help you schedule your procedure, and make it as convenient for you as possible, within the limits of the surgeon’s and hospital’s schedule. Thoracic Surgery Associates, PC will provide you with confidentiality, and treat you and your medical records with respect.

We do our best to serve you promptly in the office. We are sometimes delayed by unexpected changes in the surgical schedule, or by emergencies. We will try to contact you if we anticipate a delay.

You will find that the people at Thoracic Surgery Associates have a sense of humor; we enjoy working with our patients and families.